lunedì 22 agosto 2011

Homeopathic pill overdose!

"We're risking our lives for science," wrote Fuglesang in an opinion piece for newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, signed by the organisation Vetenskap och Folkbildning (VoF), a non-profit organisation working towards promoting popular science education, and discrediting false science.

This act is an effort to get the inefficiency of homeopathic medicine, commonly used in Sweden today, on the agenda.

Fuglesang and nine others took ten times the recommended dose of homeopathic sleeping pill Coffea Alfaplex.

"Either we die, and for the first time the effect of homeopathy will be proven. Or we survive, in which case we expect Swedish politicians to rethink their stand on alternative medicine's use in healthcare," they wrote in Svenska Dagbladet.
Fuglesang survives homeopathic pill overdose.

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Paolo Garbet ha detto...

Cioè, un'overdose di niente... chissà perchè mi ricorda la politica del PD...