giovedì 20 ottobre 2011


The quick and the curious received the new iPhone 4S on Friday. The new iPhones are a lot like the old iPhones—except for Siri. She's the new voice-aware "personal assistant" designed to do your bidding. I've seen people speaking to their Android phones while holding them in horizontal fashion, as if smoking a peace pipe, and I vowed never to follow their ridiculous example. By the end of the weekend, I was dictating texts to Siri like the second coming of Don Draper. And typing is now sooooo tedious.
The official Apple videos for Siri suggest such earnest-use cases as asking, "What's the traffic like around here?" or instructing the virtual assistant to "text my wife that I will be 30 minutes late." Once people had a chance to play with Siri, they had other ideas:

Talk Dirty to Me, Siri, Michael Agger, Slate, october 18, 2011.

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