giovedì 29 giugno 2006

La Neuroethics Society

Nel campo in rapida espansione della neuroetica c’è adesso un nuovo punto di riferimento: è stata fondata la Neuroethics Society. Il presidente è Steven Hyman, della Harvard University, mentre il consiglio direttivo annovera nomi di spicco, come quelli di Patricia Churchland e Michael Gazzaniga. Ecco il Mission Statement della associazione:

We are an interdisciplinary group of scholars, scientists and clinicians who share an interest in the social, legal, ethical and policy implications of advances in neuroscience. The late 20th century saw unprecedented progress in the basic sciences of mind and brain and in the treatment of psychiatric and neurologic disorders. Now, in the early 21st century, neuroscience plays an expanding role in human life beyond the research lab and clinic. In classrooms, courtrooms, offices and homes around the world, neuroscience is giving us powerful new tools for achieving our goals and prompting a new understanding of ourselves as social, moral and spiritual beings. The mission of the Neuroethics Society is to promote the development and responsible application of neuroscience through better understanding of its capabilities and its consequences.

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