mercoledì 14 novembre 2012

Savita Halappanavar

In honor of Savita Halappanavar; in honor of the nearly 22 million women worldwide each year who endure unsafe aborton; in honor of the 47,000 women per year worldwide who die from complications of unsafe abortion and the estimated 10 times that number who suffer long-term health consequences; in honor of the millions of women who do not have access to contraception, who have no control over whether and with whom they have sex or and whether or with whom they have children, we can fight back. In honor of the young girls married young and the women forced to bear children long past the point they are able to care for more... for all these women, we must continue to act, to liberalize abortion laws, ensure every woman has access, remove the stigma, and trust women, like Savita, who know when it is time to end even the most wanted pregnancy.
We Are All Savita Halappanavar: Catholic Hospital in Ireland Denies Woman Life-Saving Abortion, Jodi Jacobson, RH Reality Check, november 13, 2012.

Altro su The Guardian qui e qui.

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Fetente ha detto...

Far parte di una minoranza è sempre difficile. Si deve stare attenti, premunirsi, saper contare solo su se stessi.

Esistono minoranze etniche, religiose, politiche, ecc.

Ma bisogna riconoscere che esiste anche la minoranza di quelli che pensano. Ed è una minoranza sempre più debole.