sabato 18 luglio 2009

Obama sceglie male

P.Z. Myers ci spiega per quali ragioni Francis Collins – lo scienziato credente scelto da Barack Obama come nuovo direttore dei National Institutes of Health – non sia la persona adatta a ricoprire quel ruolo («Collins gets panned almost everywhere», Pharyngula, 11 luglio 2009):

He doesn’t understand evolution. He has said that he thinks humans are no longer evolving, that junk DNA is functional, and he can’t understand how altruism could have evolved. […]
His website, Biologos, is an embarrassment of poor reasoning and silly christian apologetics. It’s awful. His logic is a joke, and all it really shows is that Collins is a man blinded by faith to the absurdities of his convictions. That he even asks “At what point in the evolutionary process did humans attain the ‘Image of God’?”, or “Was there death before the Fall?”, among many other similar absurdities, is a revelation. These are questions that don’t even have any meaning outside the scope of a specific, very narrow religious view.
La conclusione è amara:
I had higher hopes for Obama, but at this point, I can only despair of the kind of president who would consult the Pope on bioethics. I’m beginning to feel he will not hesitate to sacrifice reason on the altar of religious conformity.
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