martedì 18 marzo 2008

Ashley: Pillow Angel (1 anno dopo)

Di Ashley si parlò molto poco più di un anno fa (anche qui). Oggi i genitori (Disabled girl’s parents defend growth-stunting treatment, CNN, march 12 2008) raccontano:

It’s been a year since the parents of a severely disabled child made public their decision to submit their daughter to a hysterectomy, breast surgery and drugs to keep the girl forever small. Today, the couple tell CNN, they believe they made the right decision – one that could have a profound impact on the care of disabled children worldwide.

The Ashley treatment has been successful in every expected way – Ashley’s parents told CNN exclusively in a lengthy e-mail interview –. It has potential to help many others like it helped our precious daughter.

Qui è possibile leggere l’intervista completa.

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