venerdì 14 luglio 2006

Alfonso López Trujillo approda sul New Scientist

La sua minaccia di scomunica ha meritato il posto nelle News del New Scientist.
Riporto soltanto il commento (Prominent cardinal attacks science behind stem cells, New Scientist, 14 luglio 2006):

It remains unclear whether Pope Benedict XVI supports Trujillo. Nor was it clear whether the threat applies only to researchers who destroy embryos to extract embryonic stem cells, or whether it extends to researchers who later work on the derived cells.
Whatever the answer, many scientists are horrified. Chris Shaw of King’s College London, who has a licence to create cloned embryos to study motor neuron disease, says that if stem cell researchers are to be punished for “abortion”, so too should Catholic couples who use the pill or intrauterine devices.

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