martedì 4 luglio 2006

Hwang ci riprova

Woo Suk Hwang, lo scienziato coreano diventato tristemente famoso per la gigantesca frode orchestrata attorno alla pretesa clonazione di embrioni umani, ha annunciato che ricomincerà le sue ricerche in un laboratorio finanziato privatamente – almeno, se riuscirà a evitare una lunga pena detentiva nel processo che lo vede attualmente imputato (Jess Buxton, «Hwang to resume animal cloning research», BioNews, 3 luglio 2006).

Hwang has admitted to inflating data for his research claims, but is adamant that he does have the technology to create human ES cell-lines. He is now expected to focus on animal cloning experiments, as he no longer holds a licence for human embryo research. “By law, Hwang won’t be able to start such research again”, Kim Young-Ho, a South Korean Health Ministry official told the Washington Post. Other medical researchers point out that following the fraud scandal, it will be virtually impossible for Hwang to publish any research in a major scientific journal ever again.

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